Employment Tests for Word, Excel, & More

A candidate’s idea of their proficiency level and your idea of it are usually two different things. Have you ever heard “I’m an expert” — only to find out that they don’t understand the difference between “Save” and “Save As”?

Our MS Office tests can help you identify each candidate’s skill level reliably and efficiently. With our host of simulation tests, the candidate must perform specific tasks to answer each question. When you receive the score report, you’ll gain clear, easy-to-understand insight into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in order to make the best hiring decision.

With our challenged economy, most clients are unsure how much hiring they need to do in the near future.  We have a plan for you!   Our Pay-As-You-Go account allows you to test one person or hundreds.   No sign up fees, no contracts…..you only pay for the tests that you use….AND you can test all of your candidates remotely!  No need to bring candidates in the office for an Excel test – with a couple clicks you can email the test for your candidate to test from home.

We test tens of thousands of candidates a year and our clients love this flexible account.   PLUS, we can have the account set up within minutes of signing up.   Our testing is easy to use, the testing experience for your candidate is easy and you’ll receive a detailed score report as soon as the candidate finishes testing….Easy, Affordable & You’ll know whether your candidate has the proficiency level that you need for the job.    If you know you need to do a lot of testing, we also have other accounts for larger needs – Chat with us now and we’ll go over your questions.

Available Tests

There are three versions of each test to choose from: basic, standard and advanced. We also offer Custom Tests that will allow you to create your own questions or mix and match from a selection to design the exact employment office test you need. If you require something specific, we can help at each level:

  • Basic Level Test: These tests consist of 30 to 35 test questions that cover beginner-level knowledge only. The basic test challenges candidates on their ability to perform functions such as Saving, Printing, Copying, Pasting, Bolding and similar processes.
  • Combo Level Test: Our most popular version called “Intermediate”. It consists of 30 to 35 questions that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced questions all in one test. It’s designed to show you the depth and breadth of the candidate’s knowledge within one application. The easy-to-read report will show you how well they did at each level, giving you a well-rounded sense of their abilities.
  • Advanced: The advanced test consists of 30 to 35 test questions that cover advanced-level concepts only. This test is the ideal version to use if you need an advanced user.
  • Excel – Finance:  The Finance version includes intermediate and advanced questions, along with pivot table and function questions.  It consists of 42 questions and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  • Basic Computer Literacy:  General computer skills are required in a variety of jobs.  This test consists of 25 questions covering basic navigation skills, using a mouse, using the keyboard & commands, editing to change text and delete text & using basic windows functions.
  • Remote Worker Profile  With more and more employees working remotely, it is important to understand their strengths and weakness.   Areas covered are Flexibility, Go-Getter Attitude, Organization, Planning and Self-Confidence — all important areas to insure that you understand what makes your employee successful or not when they work remotely.

View a Basic Computer Skills Test Sample Score Report

For a glimpse of what our computer competency tests for employment will tell you, view a Sample Score Report. This report offers a big-picture overview of the candidate’s abilities as well as details on their performance in each specific function, broken into comprehensible categories. The report includes a percentile comparison of how this candidate ranked compared to all recorded scores.

How does Total Testing work?

  1. Browse our list of available skills tests, which you’ll find below or download our complete catalog.
  2. Narrow down which applications and skills you would consider helpful or necessary for your company.
  3. Opt to get set up with a free demo, if you wish or view a quick demo here
  4. Choose the tests that are relevant to you. Either use them as-is off the shelf or customize tests according to your needs.
  5. Begin administering tests to job candidates either remotely or in person.
  6. After a candidate has completed the test, we will compile their results and send a report back to you.
  7. At this point, the rest is up to you! Whether you continue to screen the potential candidate or decide they’re not the right fit for you, the insights you gain from our pre-employment testing will help you make more informed, prepared decisions.

Don’t forget, if you need help or have questions at any point in the process, all you have to do is ask.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Employment Tests

You want to make sound hiring decisions — it’s as simple as that. At Total Testing, we don’t believe in gimmicks. You don’t have time for that, and we don’t either. You need efficient and reliable insights to help you select qualified candidates and shorten the hiring process to fill your important roles with the right people.

Our Microsoft Office Skills Tests will help you do just that. How? Our tests:

  • Provide a measurable standard to compare each applicants’ skillsets
  • Save time for HR professionals by showing you which candidates are the cream of the crop
  • Decrease time and money spent training unqualified candidates
  • Improve hiring success and boost company morale
  • Provide important insights into candidates’ Microsoft Office abilities
  • Ensure the candidate you hire is equipped to succeed when using Microsoft Office applications
  • Potentially shorten the hiring process

Why Rely on Office Skills Testing Software?

Pinpointing top talent from job applicants has become increasingly complicated with the advent of new technologies. That means more than ever, hiring managers need to figure out how much an applicant truly knows about platforms and programs including the Microsoft Office Suite.

Asking a job candidate to complete a Microsoft Office aptitude test through Total Testing before moving on through the interview process offers several key benefits:

  • You can rapidly determine which individuals would be ready to work at high levels from day one without any special Microsoft Office training.
  • You have a better understanding of whether a candidate is at the beginner, intermediate or expert level in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office applications.
  • You can save money on job testing by paying as you go with Total Testing, enabling you to stretch your hiring budget.
  • You can remotely test applicants on computer literacy skills before wasting time bringing them into the office for an interview.
  • You will receive an objective, third-party assessment from every Microsoft Office aptitude test that you can use to further discussions about top interviewees.
  • You can make it easier to choose between two applicants showcasing similar educational and work backgrounds.

Like what you hear? Want to know more about how to add accurate computer job testing to your vetting process? Read on to learn more about the available Office skills testing software solutions from Total Testing. Then, get in touch with us to talk about our unsurpassed pricing choices, including Pay-As-You-Go testing.

Available Microsoft Office Employment Tests

We offer a wide range of Microsoft Office Skills Tests that cover every aspect of the Microsoft Office Suite. Our tests include Excel, G Suite, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Each Microsoft Office test is offered in basic, standard and advanced levels, and all are customizable to your needs.


Our basic, standard and advanced Microsoft Office Access tests measure the candidate’s ability level with this particular Microsoft skill set. Questions will test candidates on their knowledge, familiarity and competency with this reference and analysis tool. Options include:

  • Access – Standard 2010, Intermediate 2013 or 2016
  • Access – Basic 2007, 2010 or 2013
  • Access – Advanced 2007, 2010 or 2013


If the job description calls for regular use of Microsoft Excel, your candidate needs to know their way around the software. Remember, you should factor in any time and cost spent training a candidate to use this software into the hiring decision. Training is not impossible, but you need to weigh it against choosing candidates who are already familiar with this tool. Our series of basic, standard and advanced excel assessment tests will give you insight into each candidate’s competency level.

In addition to the three versions, we also offer tests specific to Excel Functions and Formulas, an Excel 2013 skills test of the Pivot Module and an Excel 2016 skills test. Specific tests include:

  • Excel – Basic 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Excel – Advanced 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Excel – Standard 2020 or Intermediate 2013, 2016 & 365
  • Excel – Functions/Formulas 2013
  • Excel – Pivot Module 2013

G Suite

The G Suite selection is a step away from the traditional Microsoft Office Suite. G Suite, owned by Google, includes popular applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and much more. While these applications overlap with original Microsoft functions, they operate differently and require new skills. Our beginner tests measure how comfortable candidates are with basic G Suite usage, and a further test assesses how comfortable they are with the transition from MS Office to G Suite:

  • G Suite – Beginner
  • G Suite – Transition from MS Office


More than just an email system, Microsoft Outlook is also used for its calendar, note-taking, task manager and journal functions. Our MS Outlook test evaluates candidates on their ability to use all of these common Outlook functions through a 20-question survey. Candidates can take the test for either the Standard 2010 format or the Intermediate 2013 or 2016 version:

  • Outlook – Standard 2010 or Intermediate 2013, 2016


As anyone who’s used PowerPoint will know, the options are endless. Beyond creating a PowerPoint presentation, users can format, design and print to their heart’s content. Our selection of PowerPoint tests assesses the depth of each candidate’s knowledge and capability of using PowerPoint effectively. The available tests follow:

  • PowerPoint – Standard 2010 or Intermediate 2013, 2016 & 365
  • PowerPoint – Basic 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • PowerPoint – Advanced 2010 or 2013


You may assume your candidate knows how to operate a Windows device, but that’s not necessarily the case. Test each candidate on their basic Windows abilities with our standard test for Windows 7, 8 or 10. Tests will assess their knowledge of folder creation, program use and ability to find what they’re searching for:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 – Standard


If your job description calls for extensive use of the Microsoft Word application, ensure your candidates are prepared for the task with one of our Word test selections. Options include basic, standard and advanced for Word versions ranging from 2007 to the 2016 updated solution. Test questions cover everything from basic formatting and spellcheck to footnotes, section headers and tables. All tests are customizable to your exact needs, including:

  • Word – Basic 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Word – Advanced 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Word – Standard 2007, 2010 or Intermediate 2013, 2016 & 365

Basic Computer Literacy

Our general computer skills test measures a candidate’s level of comfort and competency with basic computer literacy. This test may include navigating, typing, printing and operating the menu. You can adjust, add or delete questions according to your needs:

  • Basic Computer Literacy

Who Can Benefit From MS Skills Testing?

No matter what type of company you are, these skills tests can help gauge the level of preparedness and qualifications of any prospective employee. However, you can also apply Microsoft Office Suite skills testing to your current employees to assess their areas of strength and weakness.

The skills assessment can prove useful in guiding future training decisions or teaching the basics of a new application to a group of employees who rank lower in their test results. Post-training skills testing will give you a tangible way to quantify its success based on improved test scores.

As you’ll see — any modern company can benefit from Microsoft Office skills testing. Just as there’s no shortage of businesses and roles that use MS Suite applications, there is no limit to the ways it can inform your hiring decisions or training plans. With just a 15- or 30-minute test, you’re gaining hard data that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to measure. Don’t let instinct guide you — let the testing do the work.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you interested in learning more about how Microsoft Office Employment Tests can benefit your hiring and employment training processes? We’re here to answer any questions and equip you with all the tools your company needs to thrive. Simply reach out using our contact page, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

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