Pre-Employment Testing for Healthcare

Health care is one industry where you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to your hiring decisions. You need to know you can count on your new employees to have the medical skills and understanding in order to succeed. After all, they hold a life in their hands.

From the clinic to the emergency room, a healthcare facility requires a competent staff to operate smoothly. As an employer or hiring manager, there’s no room for error. This responsibility is a big pressure, particularly in hospitals or labs with high turnover rates or an urgent hiring need.

How can you be sure you’re filling the necessary positions with the most qualified, capable people?

Total Testing has the solution. We offer an expansive line of pre-employment tests designed specifically for the healthcare field. Our library of assessments was created to help you narrow down your candidate pool and rest assured knowing your strongest candidate and eventual hire is truly qualified for the job.

Your peace of mind can go beyond their resume, a good interview or even solid references. With our technical and objective tests, you can be certain they have the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to succeed.

How Our Pre-Employment Testing for Hospitals Work

You can browse our line of heathcare specific skills tests below. Each of these touches on a different aspect of healthcare needs, including areas such as pharmacy aptitude tests, healthcare aptitude tests and nursing skills testing for potential employees.

Our tests go beyond technical know-how and also include deeper personality and persona assessments. For example, you can have job applicants take a patient experience profile assessment test to see how empathetic and understanding they are of the patient’s side of the experience.

You may also wish to administer scenarios to gain insight into candidates’ critical thinking and application abilities. We offer these in a variety of formats — for example, the Critical Care Scenarios test, or Medication Scenarios.

Our other options include highly technical tests designed to measure a candidate’s knowledge in specialties such as Clinical Radiology, Dosage Calculations, Medical Coding and Neonatal ICU.

Of course, not all of these tests will be applicable to any one job. Perhaps a handful, or even just one test, will be necessary to ascertain a level of preparedness for the role. Learn more about our list below to get an idea of which tests are relevant for the open position.

The Benefits of Our Medical Skills Tests for Employment

Once you understand how our pre-employment tests work, it’s clear how they can breathe new life into your company’s hiring process. Pre-employment tests have been shown to work, with researchers saying they’re potentially more effective than in-person interviews.

Of course, the added benefit is that assessments require much less time and scheduling, offering a more convenient way to whittle down the candidate pool to only the most knowledgeable and qualified. Other benefits of using our healthcare and nursing assessment tests for employment include:

  • Saving your company valuable time during the hiring process, as you only need to interview those who score highly on their assessments
  • Decreasing the amount of time and money spent on post-hire training for unqualified candidates
  • Improving time management and productivity for your HR professionals
  • Boosting company morale by only hiring high quality, experienced candidates
  • Providing an objective and measurable standard with which to compare each candidate’s qualifications and abilities
  • Increasing hiring managers’ confidence in making consistently strong hiring choices
  • Offering valuable insights into each candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses
  • Avoiding making hiring decisions based on subjective or biased factors
  • Indicating the likelihood of a strong workplace fit for new hires

Try Our Unique Pay-As-You-Go Model

Total Testing offers a unique Pay-As-You-Go payment plan model. In fact, we’re the only pre-employment testing company offering this kind of deal! The payment plan allows you to pay individually for each test you use. We’ll never ask you to sign a contract, pay any start-up or sign up fees or commit to an annual premium. That’s right — it’s all up to you, to pick exactly what you need.

This model is the perfect choice for smaller hospitals or companies only making the occasional hiring choice. Why buy in bulk if you don’t have to? You can learn more about our pricing options, which also include a pre-pay plan and a staffing plan.

Customize Your Test or Use Right Off the Shelf

When it comes to medical pre-employment assessments, we offer more options than ever before. Our fully tailored approach gives you the option to mix and match healthcare skills tests to best fit your needs. We give you all the tools you need to succeed, and then let you continue on your own.

But don’t worry, our team of professionals is always just a phone call away throughout the process. As you customize each test, you can give us a ring anytime to answer your questions or help craft tests that are just right for the role.

If you find a test works great for your needs as-is, there’s no need to spend time customizing! All of our assessments are ready to be used off the shelf, making them a truly convenient option. All you have to do is choose, use and pay once the tests have been completed by your applicants.

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Ready to start making confident hiring decisions like never before? Well, then why wait! Our pre-employment assessments have been tried and tested and found to lead to high quality hiring results. If you’re interested in learning more about how our health care skills test library can benefit your company, contact us today! One of our team members will answer any questions you have.

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