Legal Office Skills Testing

When it comes to the legal field, it’s never been more important to have hires who know the ins and outs of their profession. In a fast-paced, high-pressure world, you need employees who can jump into action, stay productive and fit seamlessly into your company’s culture.

Because of the intense and detail-oriented nature of your industry, it’s absolutely crucial to hire candidates who are qualified for their new role. But it can be difficult to surmise just how skilled they are from a resume, educational background or even an interview. This is why we offer legal office skills testing.

Our library of pre-employment skills tests includes an extensive line of legal office-specific assessments. We cover everything your new employees may need to know, from legal terminology to spelling, typing tests and shorthand skills.

Our assessments include a variety of tests tailored to specific aspects of the law. Whether you’re hiring specifically for commercial, criminal, labor, medical or property law, there is a test with this legal field in mind. We also offer an array of assessments designed to ensure your candidates have a firm grasp of legal concepts,  litigation, legal vocabulary and much more.

Thanks to these tests, you’ll be assured that your strong candidates know what they’re doing, and won’t have to spend time pursuing unqualified applicants. This process offers you peace of mind and confidence in hiring while saving you time and money on future training.

You’ll also find that our tests allow you to filter through your candidates and find the strongest ones quickly, often shortening the hiring process. Case closed!

How Our Legal Office Skills Testing Process Works

  1. To administer one of our legal office skills tests, start by browsing our library below.
  2. Decide which specifications or skills your new employee will need to know in order to succeed in the role.
  3. Request a free demo or view a quick demo online to see what the assessment looks like.
  4. Choose the tests that are relevant to your job posting. You may either take them as-is or customize them to fit your needs.
  5. Administer the test to job candidates as you wish, either remotely or in person.
  6. After the candidate has completed the test, we’ll compile a detailed report analyzing their results and email it to you directly.
  7. Based on the test findings, you might decide to continue pursuing this candidate or instead move on to a more qualified applicant. The rest is up to you!

Legal Office Skills Test Details

From law offices to government agencies, legal environments require staff that can perform traditional clerical tasks such as typing and audio transcription using documents relevant to the law. Clerical staff should also be familiar with legal terminology, spelling and specialized legal software.

Customize Our Tests or Begin Using As-Is Today!

If you’re ready to invest in your hiring process and see the results right away, there’s no time like the present! You can begin administering our legal office skills tests as-is right off the shelf, helping you to make more informed and quantitative hiring decisions.

If you’d like to customize a test to fit a specific need, let us know how we can help! Sign up for fast access today to begin, or request a free demo if you’d like to try our assessments for yourself.