When it comes to the employees operating machinery, handling hazardous materials, leading construction and manning the shipping and receiving, each employee must be qualified. You need people on the ground that you can trust to follow code, run machinery effectively, handle their tasks competently and most of all, operate safely. Hiring the right people for the job is not just a goal —it’s a necessity. Total Testing has a selection of pre-employment tests specific to industrial skills, including construction pre-employment tests and basic machine operator tests, to ensure you can make confident hiring decisions and go to sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve made a quality choice.

Our Industrial Skills Tests cover a range of aptitudes and job descriptions. From auto mechanic aptitude tests and engineering skills assessment tests to pre-employment testing for truck drivers and construction workers, we’ve got you covered. Simply select the tests relevant to your candidate pool or mix and match from among our selection.

Benefits of Industrial Skills Testing

Total Testing offers an array of more than 25 industrial skills tests. You can administer these tests immediately as-is or customize them to fit any specific needs. Each test is professionally designed and has undergone rigorous research to ensure the results will be reliable, relevant and comprehensible. If you’re still unsure how you can use these industry-specific skills tests, read on for five major benefits they provide:

  • Cut training costs: You know who you’re hiring with procurement aptitude tests, and you know what they can do. With a report in-hand detailing their relevant strengths and weaknesses, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary training. You’ll see where you need to provide further teaching, and in which areas employees are already highly qualified.
  • Increase productivity: Each test is designed to inform you of your candidate’s preparedness for the role. When you hire a fully capable new employee, you’re cutting down on future training — saving not only money but invaluable time. Your new hire can begin working quickly and efficiently rather than requiring extensive onboarding. Moreover, highly-scoring test takers are proven to statistically be better employees and more likely to succeed in the workplace, causing less likelihood of future turnover.
  • Increase safety: Most importantly, using an aptitude test for construction workers will ensure a safer workplace. New hires who have impressed you with their knowledge and understanding of HAZMAT handling, elite safety, fire safety and warehouse and industrial vehicle safety clearly know their stuff. They understand what you expect of them and how to operate responsibly with optimal security, enhancing safety company-wide.
  • Shorten hiring timeline: Pre-employment tests help you make faster decisions more confidently. Let the testing process whittle down the candidate pool to a list of highly competent potential hires. Your hiring team can then schedule interviews with fewer candidates, having already screened out the resume bluffers or poorly trained applicants.
  • Learn valuable insights: After choosing and administering the tests in-person or remotely, Total Testing will compile a report to send back to you. This report, which cohesively collects all learned data in an easy-to-read overview, offers a breakdown of each candidate’s individual skills and weaknesses. This will give you a clear picture of what they know how to do, where their specific skills lie and what areas, if any, may require further training. All insight gleaned will give you knowledge of the candidate’s qualifications in a way that a subjective interview or potentially-exaggerated resume cannot.


While job candidates are the primary focus of these pre-employment maintenance tests, you can also administer industrial skills tests to current employees. This may help make training decisions and understand where your company’s skill level currently stands. Rather than administering a general training company-wide, you will learn which employees may benefit from specific instruction. You can administer the tests post-training as well to gauge its success.

Distribution, Warehouse and Industrial Skills

If your future hires will work in distribution, warehouse or industrial spaces, these tests will ensure they have the skills needed for the job. Whether your new hire will drive, repair, construct, engineer, manage or more, there is a test designed with their role in mind, including pre-employment testing for truck drivers. Our selection of procurement aptitude tests also includes basic math and language skills, ruler knowledge for both English and metric standards and electrical and woodworking assessments.

Total Testing offers full customization, giving you the ability to modify, add or remove questions as you see relevant. You also have the option to add time limits or special instructions. Our team of professionals will work alongside you throughout the customization process to ensure you can administer the test that fits your needs and provides you with the results you’re looking for.