Human Resources Skills Testing

Human Resources professionals know better than anyone the importance of hiring the right candidate for the job. Your company can’t afford to spend time, money and valuable training resources, only to lose a superior candidate due to a poor hiring choice.

Our pre-employment skills testing for HR professionals narrows down the hiring process, ensuring each candidate has a strong understanding of HR methods and has a solid foundation in the industry. These skills depend upon the job you’re hiring for.

You may need an HR professional who is CPC or CTC certified and already knows the ins and outs of these certifications. You might be on the hunt for a highly qualified legal HR professional. Or, you may need to know your new hire is skilled in the art of interviewing and screening.

No matter which area of expertise — or multiple areas — our skills tests will offer specific insight to enhance your decision making.

How to Make the Most of Our Testing Process

When it comes to HR testing software, our assessments are uniquely straightforward and simple. Each test has been professionally designed and independently validated to ensure the best results for your company. Our process is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the steps outlined below!

  1. Check out our library of available human resource skills tests below. These 10 tests include a variety of abilities and knowledge your candidates may need to know. Looking for other pre-employment tests, such as behavioral or Microsoft Office skills? Download our complete catalog.
  2. Come up with a comprehensive list of which applications and skills are necessary for the job at hand. This list will become the guiding force behind which tests you choose.
  3. If you’d like to take the test for a spin yourself, just request to receive a free demo or view a quick demo online.
  4. Choose the tests that fit your needs. You can either customize them to meet your specifications or use them as-is off the shelf.
  5. Administer the tests to your candidates, in person or remotely.
  6. Our team at Total Testing will analyze their results and compile the data into an easy to understand report emailed directly to you.
  7. From here, what you do with your new information is up to you. Whether you move ahead with a certain candidate or decide they’re not the right fit for the role, you’ll know you are making confident, informed and quality decisions.

How HR Skills Assessment Tests Can Help Your Company

We don’t need to explain to you the consequences of making a bad hiring decision. As an HR professional, you’re already aware of the importance of your role in protecting company culture, assisting new hires in their adjustment and helping your company to run smoothly and safely.

How does Total Testing factor in to make your job easier? The many benefits of our assessment process include:

  • Fully customized tests: Almost all of our assessments are customizable to fit your needs. This might entail adding particular questions or removing ones you don’t deem relevant. You can also add a time limit, limit the number of acceptable tries, include special instructions and more. This tailored approach allows you to create a one-of-a-kind test that cuts to the heart of the matter and lets you focus on the most important skills and qualities.
  • Use your resources effectively: You can’t earn back wasted time. Maximize your time and resources with a pre-employment test that will narrow your qualified candidate pool at little extra investment on your end. You’ll end up with insights that indicate your strongest applicants, allowing you to pursue only the best. You’ll also cut down on training costs when you hire the most experienced new employees.
  • Renew your hiring process: With pre-employment testing, your hiring confidence will grow in leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to base important hiring decisions on data-based details that highlight your candidate’s HR abilities and qualifications. Sleep well at night knowing you’re making the most informed and research-based call.
  • Work with a quality team: When you purchase from us, you know you’re getting EEOC-compliant and professionally designed tests. We take the time to ensure each assessment has been researched, tested and validated. In addition, you’ll experience the benefits of a friendly, personable and nimble company. Total Testing is a small group — this means that to us, you’re a valued customer and not just another number. We’ll address any questions or concerns directly, care about your needs and help you find the results you’re after.

Contact Total Testing Today to Get the Assessment Low-Down

If you are in the market for quality and reliable Human Resources pre-employment testing, reach out to Total Testing. We value each potential customer and will be happy to answer your questions and help you through the process, from making customization choices to sending comprehensive candidate reports.

To learn more, submit a contact form with your information. One of our representatives will reach out to you right away. If you’re interested in sampling a preview of one of our Human Resource skills tests, all you have to do is ask. We can send you a free demo right away!

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