Food Service Skills Testing

The food service industry is a broad field with a spectrum of specialties. Each of these requires some level of skill and training, from mixing cocktails and serving fine wine, to preparing food and grasping the fundamentals of nutrition. Like any industry, food service has a language and nuance all its own, as well as a unique set of requirements.

When it comes to hiring new employees, you’ll often need them to jump right into work without a lengthy training period. It’s crucial that they already possess a foundational level of competency and skill. This raises a challenge.

As busy employers or hiring managers, how can you be sure each potential candidate can bring the experience you need? How much can you really tell from a resume or an interview, if you even have the time to interview every applicant?

This is where Total Testing comes in.

How Total Testing Facilitates the Hiring Process

We’re a full-service pre-employment testing company that makes your hiring process easier and more reliable. With our range of food service industry-specific tests, you can efficiently and effectively gauge each candidate’s aptitude for the role.

You might choose to send out a pre-employment test as your first line of vetting, going on to only interview or pursue candidates who pass the test with flying colors. Or, you may choose to administer a test later in the process to help you decide between promising candidates.

However you choose to use these tests, they’re fully flexible and customizable to your needs.

Pre-Employment Testing: How the Process Works

Browse our list of food service skills tests below. Each of these tests will offer insight into a particular aspect of food service, including bartending, wait staff, sanitation, nutrition and much more. Choose the tests that relate to the job position your company is seeking to fill.

Once you’ve chosen the relevant tests, you can choose to administer them right off the shelf or modify questions according to your needs. We are here to help with any customization to ensure the test is the right fit for you. Once you’ve completed any additions or substitutions to the test, you can administer it digitally and remotely to your applicants.

Once they’ve completed the test, we’ll compile an in-depth report analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and any areas of needed improvement. You can use these reports to easily see which applicants are the most experienced and well-versed in their field, helping you to make confident and informed hiring decisions.

Total Testing is the only company of its kind to offer a unique pay-as-you-go model, ensuring you only need to purchase and pay for the amount of tests you need. No unnecessary buying in bulk or paying for a yearlong membership! Simply choose, use and pay!

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