Administrative & Clerical Test Details

Total Testing’s selection of administrative and clerical tests covers the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required for these job positions. As a hiring manager, you need to know you can count on your new hire to have an eye for detail, basic math and grammar knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively and professionally over the telephone.

You may be able to discern several of these competencies during an in-person interview — but when it comes to making important hiring decisions, your time is limited. Most hiring managers simply can’t interview every promising candidate to deduce whether they’ve got the skills the job calls for.

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Available Tests

Our series of online clerical proofreading tests allows you to discover whether a candidate is qualified and likely to succeed in the role early in the hiring process.

The clerical skills tests vary in format, but most include a series of multiple-choice, matching and true/false type questions. They range from 15 to 30 questions per test, with each individual test typically taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

Most tests include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels within the test you purchase. The test allows users to skip questions and check their work at the end of the test before submitting it. Each test is timed, with the finishing time recorded on the score report we email back to you.

Benefits of Using Employment Literacy Tests

Pre-employment and employment testing are proven to work. The insights gleaned from these quick, simple tests can save valuable time and money during the hiring process as you can whittle down the candidate pool to the ones most successful and qualified.

Total Testing’s selection of Administrative & Clerical tests covers a wide range of skill sets. You can choose specific areas such as the employment math assessment test or detail accuracy test for a broader overview of each candidate’s capabilities. If the job position requires regular or intensive knowledge of reading or math, you’ll want to ensure the successful candidate is fully qualified. In this case, you may choose to administer a pre-employment English test, math assessment test or a vocabulary test for employment.

The benefits of using Total Testing employment tests include:

  • Tests customized to your needs: With Total Testing, you can customize tests before administering them to candidates. Customization can entail adding or removing questions, adding a time limit, including special instructions, modifying the number of tries accepted per question and much more. Thanks to the customization option, tests will hone on exactly what you need.
  • Effective use of time: Employment tests allow you to narrow down your candidate pool in a time-sensitive manner. Rather than using HR personnel’s time to sift through surveys and conduct a wide range of interviews, the tests can do much of the legwork for you, saving you hours, days or weeks. As a result, our pre-employment testing can speed up the hiring process, allowing you to fill your needed positions more quickly.
  • Increased confidence in hiring decisions: With Total Testing, you know what kind of candidate you’re hiring. You can make your choice with hard data that shows their level of detail accuracy or clerical skills. You no longer need to hope they are fully qualified for the role — you will know because the candidate has already proved it.
  • Help from a professional team: We’re a small company. This means we can react nimbly to your needs as they arise. When you call, you’ll speak to a real person on the other end who is ready to help. The Total Testing team is comprised of experts who have professionally designed and deeply researched each test we provide. When you work with Total Testing, you’ll receive tests proven to work and hands-on assistance throughout the process.

Save Money by Paying for Data Entry Skills Tests as You Go

Your hiring budget is not unlimited. This is why Total Testing offers an unprecedented Pay-As-You-Go pricing structure.

Simply choose the right clerical and data entry skill test for your job applicant such as our data entry speed test or our data entry alphanumeric test. Only after the applicant takes the test do you have to pay.

Stretch the dollars allocated to onboarding the right team to effectively meet your company’s current and future goals. Request a free demo from Total Testing today to see our tests in action.

Administer Your Data Entry Test Online

Bringing every potential data entry position candidate into your office for an interview can be a time-consuming process. Not only will some applicants not show up, but others may lack the clerical and data entry skills you need.

Instead of conducting interviews and then trying to judge a candidate’s abilities, why not make pre-employment clerical and data entry skills testing an upfront part of your hiring protocol? By asking talent to undergo data entry testing online, like an alphanumeric filing test, from a remote location, you can streamline the process on both sides.

After receiving an applicant’s skill test score, you can decide whether or not to formally continue the interview. Free yourself from the burden of too many interviews that go nowhere. Partner with Total Testing instead.

Available Administrative & Clerical Tests

Our range of Administrative & Clerical Tests covers every typical skill or aptitude required for these lines of work. Whether you’re looking employment reading tests, math tests or more, there is a test that will fit your needs. Our selection also includes tests designed to assess a candidate’s competence in basic customer service, filing and typing.

If you need to ensure each candidate speaks a certain level of English to qualify, you might wish to peruse our Workplace English for Spanish Speakers test.

Browse our selection below and don’t hesitate to reach out to Total Testing with any questions or queries regarding customization. We are here to help.

Useful for Both Job Candidates and Current Employees

While candidates you’re considering for an open position may be the primary users of these tests, they are certainly not the only possible users. Employers may also choose to administer these tests to current employees to assess their skill levels and deduce whether further training is necessary.

Our toolbox of tests allows you to gain measurable, specific data indicating each test taker’s areas of strength and weakness. The resulting compiled report will inform you if there are common areas that need improvement, allowing you to tailor future training to these areas. As a result, even employers not currently in the market for new hires can benefit from these Administrative & Clerical skills and aptitude tests to reach new levels of quality education among their existing employees.

Any Questions? We've Got Answers

When searching for basic Administrative & Clerical Tests, let Total Testing be your one-stop-shop. Our array of professionally-developed tests will give you the invaluable opportunity to learn insights about your candidates in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices available, let us know! Total Testing is a small company that’s ready to react to your needs. Just let us know what you need, and a team member will get back to you to answer your questions. Simply submit a contact form, and one of our staff members will work directly with you to create the test you need and post your test online for your test-takers.

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