Pre-Employment Accounting and Finance Tests

Members of the accounting and finance fields know the importance of sticking to the numbers. When recruiting and interviewing job applicants for a financial role, you need someone who knows the system. These highly technical and standardized fields require successful job applicants to have high-quality skills, experience, education and competence.

If you’re hiring an insurance agent, you need to know your new hire is up to the task and can demonstrate an understanding of the relevant insurance topic. Whether you’re looking for an accountant, a payroll specialist, a bookkeeper or a bank teller, you want to know you’re hiring the best.

Administering a pre-employment accounting test is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways to gain this result. You can conduct all tests in person or remotely, giving you flexibility on the testing taking location and timing. After job applicants complete the test of your choice, Total Testing will compile and email the results to you. With both a broad overview and a specific analysis of each candidate’s performance, you will step forward in the hiring process with a quantified understanding of each candidate’s capabilities and likelihood to succeed.

Employment testing for accounting further offers detail into the level of training that may be necessary for each candidate. While a resume, cover letter or letters of recommendation can give valuable information, these offer subjective insight rather than hard data. Sign up for fast access to Total Testing today and enjoy the competitive edge that comes from testing job applicants.

Accounting & Finance Test Details

Our series of Accounting & Finance employment tests allow you to evaluate key accounting and bookkeeping skills in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and financial statements as well as candidates’ abilities with popular accounting software such as Peachtree and QuickBooks. You can also identify personality and aptitude to find those that learn quickly and have an eye for attention to detail.

Prepared by respected accountants and bookkeeping experts, these tests combine multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions with realistic illustrations of business and financial documents.

One of our most popular tests for accounting roles is our Elite – Work Skills test. This test measures crucial areas for most accounting jobs. The areas include mathematical problem-solving skills, analyzing skills, attention to detail and language skills. We also find that grouping this with our Elite – Personality Profile will help you identify people that are trustworthy, handle stress well, and are a team player.

We offer many of our tests in three stages — beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level tests assess basic abilities to perform relevant tasks. Intermediate tests typically measure the test taker’s capabilities to perform all three functions to gain a sense of their general competence. Advanced tests focus only on the most advanced levels of skill and aptitude. These are ideal for high-level job responsibilities rather than entry-level positions.

Why Use Accounting Tests for Job Applicants?

If pre-employment accounting testing is a new concept to you, it may take a moment to grasp the benefits of this seemingly modern concept. However, the idea of testing candidates on their skills and aptitudes is timeless. Today, with Total Testing’s digital tests and the ability to administer them remotely, it’s easier than ever. Accounting and Finance pre-employment testing can benefit your company by:

  • Providing a standardized format to gauge job applicants’ qualifications
  • Saving countless hours of reviewing and interviewing work for your HR staff
  • Giving you added confidence that you are making strong hiring decisions
  • Ensuring all hired candidates can meet a certain level of excellence
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on post-hire job training
  • Decreasing the amount of money spent on post-hire job training
  • Providing important information regarding each applicant’s areas of strength and weakness
  • Indicating a reliable sense of workplace success and decreased turnover for candidates who score highly
  • Weeding out candidates who applied liberally to job postings but are not committed to taking the time to fill out pre-employment tests
  • Measuring whether applicants can meet required basic, intermediate or advanced accounting skill levels

Never worry again about making an incorrect hiring decision based on objective criteria. Our validated accounting assessment tests remove plenty of questions from the table, allowing you to concentrate on other skills during the interviewing process.

Remember that our accounting pre-employment tests are ideal for internal hiring promotions, too. Simply because a job applicant comes from inside your organization does not mean the employee has the knowledge to move laterally or upward. Gauge every candidate’s basic accounting ability with Total Testing.

Skills Tests With Several Targeted Uses

The primary purpose of these Accounting and Finances tests are for pre-employment assessments. However, there are other ways to use these tests to strengthen your company. You might also consider administering these tests among your current staff to assess whether further training could help.

For example, you may decide to have each of your current accountants take the Peachtree Accounting and QuickBooks tests. The compiled report sent to you after the test will indicate whether there were common areas or skillsets that were weak among test takers. This may prompt you to initiate a training course for these applications to ensure your accountants are using all functions to the best of their ability.

Whether you are in the market for a new hire or simply looking to target training and improve your current workplace, Total Testing can help. Our Accounting and Finance tests are flexible, customizable and easy to use. We’ll help bring your company to the next level of technical excellence.

Basic Accounting Tests in a Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Structure

Unlike other accounting assessment testing providers, Total Testing has remained committed to helping clients stretch the hiring budget. Our Pay-As-You-Go pricing model allows you to pick the right accounting pre-employment test, apply it and then pay afterward.

With our unique pricing structure, we are leading the way in the job testing industry. Why buy costly packages that you might not use or need? Our a la carte choices give you the freedom to select the right accounting assessment test for each job opening.

Whether you work as a Fortune 500 company hiring manager, or you are hiring on behalf of a startup company, you can trust Total Testing as your onboarding solutions partner.

Do You Have Questions? Contact Us Today

You may feel overwhelmed by the range of tests outlined above. Don’t worry — our team of professionals is here to help answer any of your questions. If you would like to learn more about how Total Testing can work with you to make more informed hiring decisions, take a look at our selection of tests. You may also opt to sample these tests for yourself and try out a free demo today. To receive a demo, simply fill out this form, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Ready to get started right away? You can sign up for fast access to begin. As a result of our unique Pay-As-You-Go model, all you have to do is choose a test, use it and then pay for it. We don’t require you to buy tests in bulk, commit to any subscription packages or sign any contracts.

Contact us with any questions or for help with customizing tests.

Set up a Demo to see Our Basic Accounting Test in Action

New to the concept of using third-party, objective testing to assess your candidates for accounting and related job openings? Total Testing has the perfect solution: Contact us to see a complete demonstration of basic accounting pre-employment tests in action.

Our demonstration showcases all the highlights of our accounting assessment test, allowing you to understand and experience what your job applicants will see when they go through the testing process. Find out why so many companies trust Total Testing to put the best accounting talent in available jobs.

Available Finance Testing for Accounting Candidates

Below you will find a list of available tests related to accounting and finance. Our test selection covers a range from basic accounting math skills to advanced accounting and financial analysis knowledge. Whether you’re hiring an entry-level bookkeeper or a high-level financial executive, our employment testing has an assessment for every level. This allows you to customize the test to your current job opening needs. Simply select the right accounting assessment test for your candidate and have them complete it at your office or remotely.

Put your candidate to the test with one or more of the following: