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Scalable testing to meet your needs and your budget.

  • Validated Applicant Tests: Each of our tests has been independently researched and verified. This means the results you receive are valid and objective. You never have to wonder again about whether a candidate truly has the skills to do the job.


  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing  (our most popular option): Our unique Pay-As-You-Go pricing model remains unique in our industry. Not only is it perfect for small companies and startups, but it can be used by larger corporations to stretch tight hiring budgets. Just pick the job skills assessments you want, have candidates complete them and pay after testing is finished.


  • Remote Testing: Get a snapshot of your strongest applicants before they ever come in your door. With remote job interview assessment tests, you can find the brightest performers to add to your team.


  • Easy to Use: Get started within minutes of signing up.  Easy to use testing dashboard.  Instant reports that are easy to understand and provide reliable results.


  • Access to Hundreds of Tests: Your account will include access to hundreds of tests. You can use an Excel test today and a Personality test tomorrow.  It’s all included.


  • Customizing: Need something specific to your industry. We can mix and match, write your own or pull from our bank of test questions to create a test specific to your needs.


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Test Categories

Available Tests

  • Custom Test Creation

  • Microsoft Office Skills Tests

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Tests

  • Accounting and Finance Tests

  • Call Center and Customer Service Tests

  • Industrial Skills Testing for Employment

  • Clerical Skills Testing for Employment

  • Retail Sales Ability Skills Testing

  • Legal Office Skills Tests

  • Human Resources Skills Tests

  • Medical and Nursing Skills Tests

  • Food Service Skills Tests

Advantages of Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

When you advertise an open position at your company, you may be bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of resumes. Sifting through all of them takes energy and resources. When you finally pick the top candidates, you need a way to weed out the best of the best. After all, people may inflate their expertise on their resumes. This makes your role as a hiring manager a little tougher — but not if you work with us.

Asking applicants to complete a job skills assessment before you speak with them through email, over the phone, on a video call or in person maximizes your time. Total Testing also allows your candidates to complete applicant tests remotely online at their convenience. After they finish their pre-employment assessment test, their results will be sent to you. At that point, you can clearly see which applicants deserve to move forward in the process, and which ones are not a good fit for your company.

Why struggle to interview dozens of people when you can narrow the field with objective applicant tests? Receive fast access to our vast catalog of job skills assessment choices right now.