In the climate of online ordering and pickup, the importance of an employee’s ability to perform basic tasks, master problem solving, driving accuracy and consistency are even more critical than before. These skills are crucial to the success of smooth fulfillment as many of us, especially now, are heavily dependent on the supply chain and warehouse related industries.

Total Testing is ready to provide your organization with a wide range of validated behavioral and skills tests that highlight the candidate’s abilities that you seek out to keep your business moving.

The Elite Industrial Profile assessment meets these needs by implementing key areas that support the characteristics sought out by hiring and acting managers/supervisors. These assessment areas are:


The degree to which an individual can quickly and accurately find errors, defects, and/or dissimilarities when comparing two or more objects. This ability is important for most jobs that require inspecting products for errors and/or jobs requiring attention to small visual details.

Light Industrial Math

The degree to which this individual has the ability to learn quickly, problem solve and understand basic mathematical concepts.


The degree to which the individual is likely to be dependable, hardworking and conscientious about the quality of his/her work.


The degree to which the individual is likely to be dependable, stable, takes responsibility for his/her actions and as a result, is not likely to have attendance problems.


The degree to which the individual is likely to follow company safety rules and procedures and is cautious and vigilant about avoiding workplace accidents.

Spatial Reasoning

The degree to which the individual is able to mentally manipulate various objects in order to determine how they might best be assembled or how they might best fit together.

In addition, we provide additional (customizable) warehouse related assessments that compliment your selection process. These are:

Pick and Pack

Identifies and cross references information found on common warehouse documents such as product or package labels, inventory forms, bills of lading and shipping documents.

Shipping and Receiving

This test measures understanding of operations and safety issues related to shipping and receiving, including basic warehouse safety and procedures, proper stacking, storage and transport of material and the ability to identify information in common shipping and receiving documentation.

Count and Stack

This test measures the ability to identify by sight the number of boxes or other items in a stack, some of which are viewable, some of which are hidden from view.

Basic Math Skills

This test measures skills in basic mathematics commonly used in a light industrial environment including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and time. Includes both numeric and word problems.