How many times have you, as an employer or hiring manager, seen “Excel skills” listed on a candidate’s resume? And how many times has that claim turned out to be — well, a slight exaggeration?

Training is expensive, and making a poor hiring choice is costlier still. Before you commit to hiring a new employee, you need to know that they can deliver the skills they’ve promised on paper. Moreover, you need to know exactly what level of skill and competence you’re acquiring to gauge how quickly they may be able to jump into using applications such as Excel. You also need to find out how much additional training they’re likely to need.

This is where Total Testing comes in. Our extensive selection of professionally made and thoroughly researched tests will give you the ability to provide Excel testing for job applicants. You’ll have the flexibility to decide when to administer it — before, during or after the interview stage — and you can customize test questions to your specific needs.

After administering the tests in person or remotely, we’ll compile the results into a straightforward and informative report. We’ll then email the report back to you promptly, giving you insight into the capabilities of the job candidate. The effort on your part will be small, but the impact could be massive.

Why Is Pre-Employment Interview Testing Important?

Pre-employment interview testing will give you the tools you need to make hiring decisions with the utmost confidence. All the applicants you’re considering should receive the relevant Excel test to ensure you’re giving candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their skills equally.

After candidates take the test, you’ll receive a compiled report containing a breakdown of each candidate’s score, including a general overview of how successful they were with a percentile ranking compared to all test takers. The report will also include individual scoring for each specific skill they were tested on, which will allow you to learn exactly which skills are a weakness or strength for the candidate and where they could benefit from further training if hired.

The information each employer or hiring manager can gain from these pre-employment tests is indispensable.

Available Microsoft Excel Tests

Total Testing offers a variety of Microsoft Excel testing that covers a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. We also provide tests specifically for the functions and formulas of Excel 2013 as well as a test of Excel Pivot Module. Through the following array of tests, you should have everything you need to ensure you’ve covered all the basic and high-level Excel capabilities:

  • Excel — Basic 2010, 2013 or 2016: Our Basic Excel test is ideal for job descriptions that call for infrequent or rudimentary use of beginner-level Excel functions. The test covers topics such as inserting rows, aligning cells, moving charts, printing and saving.
  • Excel — Standard 2010 or Intermediate 2013 & 2016: The Standard or Intermediate Excel tests cover a range of difficulty levels. Questions include column insertion, text rotation, chart creation, number formatting and more.
  • Excel — Advanced 2010, 2013 or 2016: The Advanced Excel test is ideal for positions that require a high-level knowledge of Excel. The test assesses candidates’ abilities to perform functions such as creating column charts, modifying a chart axis, encrypting workbooks and inserting subtotals.
  • Excel — Functions and Formulas 2013: This test measures candidates’ skill levels in specific Excel functions and formulas, including PivotTable, Count, Interest Payment, SumIf and VLookup. It’s recommended for job applicants who will be using these application functions frequently in their position and require a mastery of them to succeed.
  • Excel — Pivot Module 2013: Our Pivot Module test assesses each test taker’s ability to perform Pivot functions, from creating a PivotChart to filtering a PivotTable. It also tests candidates on their ability to format, edit and resize tables and charts.

Fully Customizable Tests

Our range of Excel tests are fully customizable. Total Testing is committed to ensuring that you get the exact product you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to create a test that fits your specific needs in order for you to make the best hiring decision possible. What do customizable tests look like? You’ll have the ability to:

  • Add questions, either selecting from our bank of suggested questions or working with us to create your own
  • Remove questions that you don’t find relevant to the position
  • Modify the number of tries per question
  • Allow a time limit if you would prefer to make the test more challenging for candidates
  • Include additional instructions as you see fit
  • Much more — our team will work with you to craft the test that works for you

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