Microsoft Excel Testing...

"It's like connecting your job candidates to a lie detector!"

When hiring a new person, there’s always a few things about them you just have to trust to be the truth.. Their ability to actually do the job, however, should NEVER be one of those things!

Don't Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

Having a trusted process to help you evaluate potential new hires can mean the difference between ending up with a valuable team member who gets stuff done, or having to deal with a frustrating reminder that people often overstate their qualifications.

Looking at it financially, a bad hire typically ends up costing your business about one-third of that employee’s first-year salary.

But, here’s the worst of it…

Hiring the wrong person not only affects the job you hired them to do, but your existing (good) employees will end up wasting THEIR precious time dealing with the incompetence of the new hire.

In other words, ONE hiring mistake can drag down the performance and productivity of your entire team!

Boost Your 'Hiring Decision' Confidence

Total Testing’s Microsoft Office assessments accurately validate each potential hire’s “real-world” skills, so you can reliably predict if they’re the right person for the job.

What makes us different is our assessments utilize interactive simulations that replicate the look and functionality of actual MS Office applications. So, instead of having to rely on the outdated “multiple choice questions” testing model, our cutting-edge, real-life simulations make it possible for you to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, PLUS their ability to complete the types of on-the-job tasks you’ll need them to do!

Since our unique approach measures their ability to actually use the application, rather than just picking an answer from a list, there’s no way for them to “study-up” or bluff their way through…They have to prove they’ve got the skills to do the job!

Our technology empowers you to make confident hiring decisions based on cold-hard-facts!

Find Out How Good They Really Are

The moment your candidate completes the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed, but easy-to-read, report that is just chock-full of information to help you make the most informed hiring decision possible.

Our testing method is so effective that, beyond just describing the amount of application “know how” a potential hire has, your report will show how quickly they were able to complete each specific task. So, not only will you know if they’ve got the skills, you’ll also know how quickly they can get things done!

  • Interactive, Simulated Testing
  • Fully Customizable
  • Pay as You Go
    • No Contracts
    • No Subscriptions
    • No Monthly Feess
  • Prices start at just $20 per test
  • Measures Actual On-The-Job skills
  • Easy to Setup (Takes Just Minutes!)
  • Easy to Use
  • Used by Thousands of Companies
  • Over 800 tests available
  • Scalable Pricing from One to Hundreds
  • Fully EEOC Compliant

Whether you need one test, or hundreds, your dedicated account manager will be there to help you every step of the way!

Live chat, or click below for more info and a full-featured demo!
Live chat, or click below for more info and a full-featured demo!

“Great testing and with no large committment to get started.  We chose Total Testing because we only needed to test a few poeple.   The pay as you go option was perfect for us.  The program was easy to use and we could quickly see who knew how to use Excel and who didn’t.  We continue to use them for several positions.”

C. Ampleton
AAA New York

“You really helped me make a quick, informed decision during my latest hiring process. EVERYTHING you provided exceeded my expectations – super easy, quick, thorough, and an incredible tool for evaluating skills.”

Karen Britting Sanders
President, The Britting Group
RE/MAX Executives

“I was able to evaluate the final four candidates with much greater confidence than resumes and interviews alone.
These are great tools!”

Tracy M Letto
Product Manager, HDPE
Fiber Composites, LLC

“We were able to test our applicants immediately and the test scores were very detailed, making it easy to understand our applicant’s skills.”

Roger Williams
HR Manager, Gold & Co.