Hiring decisions don’t have to be a shot in the dark. For time-strapped HR professionals and managers, it’s crucial to balance efficiency with confidence. But how can you be sure you’re hiring the right new candidate without investing time and money in a thorough hiring process?

Our pre-employment tests for the wholesale and manufacturing industry is the answer. Total Testing offers a line of assessments specifically geared to your industry’s hiring needs. With positions ranging from warehouse workers to manufacturing sales representatives, you’re on the lookout for top talent with expertise, technical skills, and personable nature. Let us help.

Total Testing’s Employment Assessment Process

If you’re new to pre-employment testing, let’s break it down to the basics. Consider your upcoming hiring needs. You may have a roster of positions to be filled, or maybe you have just one specific role in your plant or warehouse. Determine which skills and qualifications are essential for these positions.

Start by browsing our library of employment tests for the wholesale and manufacturing industry. You may also wish to check out our personality and behavioral tests, which can indicate a candidate’s level of situational judgment or problem-solving abilities. These tests can be administered off-the-shelf or customized to include specific questions, time limits and more.

You can choose to administer each test in person or remotely — whichever works best for your HR staff. After the test is finished, the results are analyzed and you get a comprehensive overview highlighting the key takeaways. These will include insights about their performance, areas of strength and weakness, and big-picture qualifications for the role. You might also be able to see whether they would be a good personality fit for your workplace culture.

The rest is up to you! You can use these insights to confidently move ahead with the hiring process, using data-driven information to help you decide who could be the best fit for your team.

Top Benefits of Using Total Testing Assessments

Give your hiring process a refreshing new start when you use Total Testing employment tests for manufacturing plants, warehouses and more. You can enjoy a variety of valuable benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and money during the hiring process and focusing on the high-scoring candidates
  • Ensuring your new hires are qualified for the job, decreasing the need for post-hire training
  • Improving time management and productivity for your HR personnel
  • Boosting company morale thanks to experienced new hires
  • Valuable insights into each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and skillsets
  • Confident and well-informed hiring decisions using research-backed data
  • Customizable tests that focus on your most important areas
  • A flexible payment plan, including our pay-as-you-go plan for the ultimate cost-effective solution

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Whether your manufacturing team is just starting up or already spread across the nation, our pre-employment testing software can be applied to every company’s needs. Revamp your hiring process to include our affordable, customizable and versatile assessments, and see for yourself the fresh effect it can have on your recruitment decisions.

To begin, browse our line of wholesale and manufacturing tests. Choose the relevant assessments and sign up for fast access using one of our payment plans, such as our budget-friendly pay-as-you-go model.

To try our tests for yourself first, request a self-guided demo and take it for a spin. Have any questions about any of our tests or services? Contact our sales team today to learn more.