With an employee turnover rate of 59% in the retail industry, employers are facing high costs to continually hire and train new members. Whether you’re looking to hire retail sales associates, managers and supervisors, customer service representatives or marketing specialists, each role calls for a specific personality and set of skills. Assessing these qualifications before making a hiring decision can increase the quality of your hires, ensure a good culture fit and lower your company’s turnover rate substantially.

Total Testing offers a variety of pre-employment tests for retail industry workers to ensure you can make informed hiring choices. Our employment tests offer an outstanding solution during the hiring process — but this isn’t the only way to use them. Our assessments can also be used to help narrow down your training needs, saving your company valuable time and money. Learn more below.

Why Use Pre-Employment Testing in the Retail Industry?

Retailers use our pre-employment tests for retail in order to lower their turnover and boost their hiring success rates. Our tests highlight candidates who possess the skills and personality traits that will help them excel in their roles.

This will look different for every position. For example, you’ll be looking for different qualities in a store manager and a sales associate. Regardless of the role, you can use our pre-employment assessments to increase productivity and step forward confidently in the hiring process.

Benefits of Current Employment Testing

What are the advantages of using Total Testing employment testing on your current employees? Our assessments can help you identify areas of strength and weakness among your teams. Employers can use these data-driven insights to pinpoint which level of training may be necessary, instead of applying general training to each of your employees.

Eliminating unnecessary training — and focusing on improving relevant skills — will cut down your training costs exponentially. It will also decrease the amount of time spent on training sessions, boosting your company’s productivity levels.

To make the most of our employment testing, simply administer retail skills tests to the relevant employees. We offer a library of tests you can choose from. After completion, we’ll send you an in-depth report breaking down the results for you, so that you can tailor your training plans accordingly.

Employment Tests for Retail Sales

Total Testing offers a range of tests specific to retail sales skills. These include areas such as customer service, inventory sorting, sales and promotions, store security and more. Browse our range of pre-employment tests for retail sales associates to find out which ones are relevant to your hiring needs.

Each of our tests can be customized to focus on specific questions, include a time limit, allow a certain number of attempts, and more. You can also administer our tests as-is for a quick and convenient process.

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In order to keep operations running smoothly, the retail industry calls for a wide range of positions. Each of these positions requires excellent talent and an engaging personality. Ensure you’re hiring capable and qualified employees when you use Total Testing employment tests.

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