Educational institutions depend upon a diverse range of positions in order to function successfully. From administrators and educators to maintenance staff and cafeteria workers, every role is essential to the wellbeing of your school. As you expand your staff, it’s important to be sure that your new employees are the right fit for the role and your workplace culture.

Pre-employment tests for educational institutions provide a highly effective solution to your hiring needs. They can help you assess candidates’ qualifications, personality and skills, leading you to make confident hiring decisions. Total Testing’s employment testing package can provide all the information you need to determine your next big hiring choice. Let’s dive in.

Why Should Higher Education Institutions Use Pre-Employment Testing?

Educational institutions across the nation can use Total Testing assessments to streamline and enhance your hiring processes. Our tests can be applied at any stage in the process, either culling your candidate list before interviews begin or helping you narrow down your top choices before hiring.

Whether you represent a K-12 school or a graduate university, you’ll find our tests useful for a range of administrative positions as well as teachers and managerial roles. Our cost-effective and customizable approach ensures a convenient solution to any institutional needs.

How Our Employment Testing Process Works

Total Testing allows you to choose from a variety of education-specific tests. Select the assessments that are most relevant to your open position. For example, you may wish to focus on an applicant’s situational judgment, problem-solving skills or behavioral inclinations.

Alternatively or additionally, you might zero in on specific job-related skills, such as their cognitive aptitude. For a more big-picture look, our personality profile test can offer insights into how well a candidate will fit into your work culture.

Once you’ve chosen the relevant test and customized it accordingly, you can begin administering it to your candidates. This can be done either in person or remotely.

After completion, you will receive each test-taker’s results in a report full of helpful insights. Between specific data points and a broad glimpse into their strengths and weaknesses, this report will give you invaluable information about each candidate’s qualifications.

However you decide to proceed, you can be assured that you’re making a confident, well-informed and research-supported decision — one that is highly likely to pay off in an excellent hire.

How Pre-Employment Tests Can Benefit Your Institution

When you use our employment testing for teachers, administrators and more, you can enjoy many unique benefits, including:

  • Cut down on wasted time during the hiring process by focusing on high-scoring candidates
  • Improve time management for your recruitment and hiring professionals
  • Boost company morale by hiring only qualified, positive candidates
  • Increase hiring managers’ confidence in their hiring decisions
  • Enjoy valuable insights into each candidate’s capabilities and strengths
  • Avoid poor hiring decisions based on subjective factors
  • Count on a strong workplace fit for new hires, based on personality and behavioral assessments

Start Using Our Pre-Employment Tests Today

Do you have any higher education hiring decisions to make in the near future? Make your job easier with our pre-employment tests for educational institutions. Designed to help narrow your candidate search and pinpoint top talent, Total Testing’s approach can refresh your entire hiring process.

Browse our library of tests to choose your relevant assessments today. Next, select the payment plan method that best suits your needs. Remember — our pay-as-you-go plan allows you to purchase only the specific tests you need. There’s no sign-up or bulk purchase required.

Unsure whether Total Testing is the right fit for your institution? Sign up for our self-guided demo for firsthand experience using our assessment process. If you have any questions, we’d love to help. Reach out to our team today to learn more!