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Total Testing is the most comprehensive solution for a variety of testing needs - from testing just one person to ten people to hundreds of people. Our online tests are easy to set up and administer whenever you like. With simple pricing options, you instantly get access to hundreds of tests, including MS Office, Clerical, Accounting, Light Industrial, Attitude, and many more!


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Pay-As-You-Go Account

This account, which does not require a contract to get set up,  is a perfect solution for clients with infrequent, smaller or unknown testing needs. The pay-as-you-go account provides access to testing on an "as needed basis". You'll have access to our complete library of tests including all versions of MS Office, Accounting, Personality, Aptitude, Clerical and 800 more.

  • You can use as little or as many tests as needed and at the end of the month Total Testing will tally up your usage and charge for only the tests that were completed ($20.00 per test).


  • Within 30 minutes of receiving your order, Total Testing will email the Administrator Login information and instructions so that you can start testing immediately. All web-based accounts allow you to test in your office or email a test session for remote test takers. Tests are instantly scored upon completion and immediately emailed to the test administrator.


There is no charge to set up this account and no minimum purchase.  The account will remain available even when not used.


Pre-pay (Volume Discount) Account

You can also choose to purchase tests in blocks of 25 or more to save even more! This account is geared toward clients with larger testing needs or clients who know they want to use testing on a continual basis. It allows you to buy in bulk and receive a discount on regular test fees.

Here's how we calculate your pre-pay savings

  • Block of 10 tests = $20.00 per test!
  • Block of 25 tests = $18.00 per test! (Save 10% on each test*)
  • Block of 100 tests = $17.00 per test! (Save 15% on each test*)
  • Block of 250 tests = $15.00 per test! (Save 25% on each test*)
  • Block of 500 tests = $12.50 per test! (Save 35% on each test*)
  • Block of 1000 tests = $10.00 per test! (Save 50% on each test*)

*As a value-added benefit, if you purchase 25 tests or more, you will also qualify for a FREE Branded Account. A branded account incorporates your company logo, and also sends candidates back to your website once they are finished testing.

Total Testing gives you the flexibility to test in your office or email a session for a candidate to test remotely. Administrators will instantly receive test results via email as soon as the candidate completes the test. The best part is you can use your Total Testing Account as-needed, with no contracts, and no monthly fees!


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