What hardware do I need to run Internet testing?

  Windows3 Mac OS X Linux4
Firefox 3.0+ 3.0+ 3.0+
Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x, 9.x X X
Safari X 2.0+ X

What are the system requirements to run Internet testing?

  • Ability to open a standard http Web connection (TCP/IP port 80) to our servers
  • SSL is enabled and permitted on port 443
  • Javascript and cookies are enabled
  • Flash Player 9 or higher
  • IP addresses to white-list (client side)

    If you have white-listed our domain (our preferred method for white-listing), our domain of *.skillcheck.com

  • Signed java applets1 or activeX2 controls are enabled and permitted

  • Pop-up window blocking is turned off or disabled for the skillcheck.com domain
  • Screen resolution set to 1024×768 or larger
  • Note: SkillCheck Internet Testing does not support accelerated dial-up connections such as NetZero
  • These are the minimum and recommended bandwidth requirements for Online Testing:
    • Standard Tests: The minimum recommended bandwidth to run non-audio tests is a dedicated 56 kbps client-side connection per workstation. At this speed, tests will have delays at test start and end but generally will give acceptable, although slow performance during the test.
    • Audio-enabled Tests: The minimum recommended bandwidth to run audio tests is a dedicated 128 kbps client-side, high-quality, low-latency connection per workstation.

Can I run Total Testing's Internet testing from behind a firewall? What about a proxy server?

If your system is able to make standard http (TCP/IP port 80) and SSL/https (TCP/IP port 443) connections to external servers, then you should be able to run Total Testing Online Testing.

Can we run our own copy of Total Testing's Internet system over an intranet or other LAN, WAN or VPN?

Total Testing’s network testing software is available for deployment over LANs and WANs. The Total Testing Internet system is Internet-based and can be accessed via browsers within your organization’s network, but you cannot install your own copy of Total Testing’s Internet product on your internal network. If you have further questions about Total Testing’s software and Internet testing solutions, please contact us.