A component of SkillCheck has asked me to provide a password. What is the password?

By default, all passwords in the SkillCheck system are simply “password” (without quotes), with the exception of Version 4 Advanced Administration, which has a default password of “admin” (without quotes). If you are asked to provide a password, try “password” first. If “password” does not work, it is likely that someone in your office has used the SkillCheck Administrator to change passwords on your system. If information on these new passwords is not available (because the person who changed passwords has forgotten them or did not note them down, for example), try leaving the password field blank when a password is requested and simply press Enter. If this does not work, contact SkillCheck technical support for help in determining your current password. You can change or remove passwords using the SkillCheck Administrator. See the SkillCheck Administrator documentation for information on changing and removing passwords.

How do I end a test before it is finished?

You can exit a SkillCheck test before the end. This is normally done when administrators are demonstrating or reviewing the software, or when an administrator needs to end a test for a candidate who can no longer continue testing. Because this function is reserved for administrators only, it is available via a hidden keystroke (rather than an on-screen button or other control). To end a software test, get to the point in a question where a dialog box offers the person taking the test the option to go to the next question or try the question again. At that point, hold down the Shift and Control keys and press F4 . The test will end immediately. For other SkillCheck tests (accounting tests, typing tests, etc.), you can use the Shift-Control-F4 key combination to end the test at any time. If you are using an older 16-bit version of SkillCheck, you may need to type “-=-=” (without the quotes) to end other tests.

How do I display the password dialog box after a test has ended?

When the test session has ended and a screen has appeared with the text “Please contact your Test Administrator,” if you do not see a password dialog box, press F2 to enter the password. (Note: If you are using Windows NT or Windows 2000, you may need to click the mouse one time anywhere on the screen before pressing F2.)

I want my scores to print out automatically at the end of a testing session. How do I do this?

From the File menu in the SkillCheck TestCenter, select Print->Options. This command will display different choices for how SkillCheck will print and present scores on the screen. Select an option suitable for your needs. (See the SkillCheck TestCenter documentation for more information on testing and reporting options.)

I want to install SkillCheck on a different PC. Is this possible?

You can move an installed copy of SkillCheck from one PC to another by first uninstalling SkillCheck from the current PC to the original license diskette and then installing SkillCheck to the new PC.

Can I retrieve old scores?

You can print out the scores of the test series that was just administered by selecting “Print Previous Results” from the Print option in the TestCenter File menu. You also use the SkillCheck Scores Database (available from the TestCenter or the Test Administrator) to retrieve previous test scores and create informative and attractive reports. See the SkillCheck Administrator documentation for more information on using the scores database.

I can only see part of the software on my screen and the rest seems to spill off to the right. What’s wrong?

Your Windows display settings may be configured to display large fonts. SkillCheck does not provide support for large fonts. To correct the display, try changing your font setting to display small fonts.