Employee Skills and Training Tests

In an ever-evolving world of technology and knowledge, no one wants to be left behind. If a business wants to stay competitive, they must regularly update their software, implement new programs and adjust to different methods of production. All of these new skills require training.

Of course, training can be costly — not to mention time-intensive. Teaching each employee how to operate the latest software, for example, could take hours and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Many of these hours and dollars could be saved with an employee skills and training test that assesses exactly where each employee needs help or further training before actually beginning the process. One employee might be relatively new to a program, where another might have had prior experience and just need a few touch-ups in specific areas. Providing a skills test prior to training will give you insight into exactly what level of training is needed and allow you to customize your plan accordingly.

Beyond current employee training, you can also use general skills tests during the hiring process to make sure your candidate’s skills are up to par. This test can provide an early sense of which candidate is the most qualified and competent for the role, which will help you make the most informed hiring decision.

Post-Training Tests

In addition to skills testing before training, Total Testing selections offer you the ability to test employees post-training. These comprehensive tests will allow you to quantifiably measure how successful your training was through a direct before and after comparison of the results. You’ll have metrics to gauge which skills were improved upon — and to what degree — which will allow you to assess whether more training is needed or the previous level was sufficient.

Available Skills and Training Tests

Total Testing offers an extensive array of skills and training tests that are ready to use as-is but can be customized to your specific needs. These tests range across a variety of industries, allowing you to gauge where your employees’ technical skills currently rank and how much training is needed. Our selection includes:

  • Microsoft Office Skills Tests
  • Accounting and Finance Tests
  • Retail Sales Skills Tests
  • Call Center and Customer Service Tests
  • Basic Administrative and Clerical Skills Tests
  • Industrial Skills Tests
  • Food Service Skills Tests
  • Medical and Nursing Skills Tests
  • Human Resources Skills Tests
  • Legal Office Skills Tests

Four Benefits of Skills Tests

Four of the most critical benefits of these tests include that you can:

  1. Use employee time efficiently: You want to maximize productivity rather than wasting time unnecessarily. Skills testing will enable you to know exactly how much training time each employee needs and tailor their training to only the specific areas in which they need help. No more wondering how to find out which employees need training. No more time wasted on company-wide training. Our customized skills testing will save you precious hours, days or even weeks.
  2. Cut training costs: Beyond the time saved with customized training, you’ll also save your company money. Monetary costs of training can be high in addition to the net total of productivity hours lost during training. By tailoring your solutions to the employees who actually need it, you’ll cut costs exponentially.
  3. Know your needs: Skills tests give employers valuable insights into what their employees know — and don’t know — how to do. By having a measurement of their levels of strength, weakness and previous education, you’ll gain a deeper sense of your company’s capabilities and needs. This knowledge can help you make more informed decisions about where to invest training time and what your employees can offer.
  4. Access rounded training assessments: Skills testing offers a measurable barometer of training success. By testing employees both before and after their training, you’ll secure metrics to assess exactly what worked and what still needs to be improved.

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