Employee testing, when done right, is an incomparably effective and insightful way to screen and evaluate potential employees in order to make the best possible hiring decisions. As is the standard at Total Testing, all tests must comply with a set of guidelines and rules established by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These guidelines were established to ensure fairness, equality and privacy. When testing companies comply with these rules, they’re able to irrefutably dispute potential claims of discrimination or biased hiring decisions.

What Are EEOC Guidelines?

Established in 1965, the EEOC has since governed equality of employment by actively fighting against discrimination in the workplace — including during the hiring process. Their guidelines cover acceptable use of employment testing, which has become the industry standard we adhere to.

According to the guidelines established by the EEOC, employment testing is legal as long as the test adheres to the following criteria:

  • Tests must be developed professionally.
  • Tests must be administered according to the test developer’s intended use.
  • Tests must be limited to topics directly related to the job at hand.
  • Tests should be administered to all candidates and not just a few, to provide an equal chance to all.

When it comes to behavior and cognitive testing, EEOC guidelines indicate that these tests are fully permissible as long as they are relevant to the job description and do not require medical psychological information.

How Does Total Testing Comply?

When you purchase a test or series of tests from Total Testing, you can know you’re getting fully EEOC-compliant material. All of our products are professionally designed by experts. They’re all validated, a process that requires thorough research and extensive testing to ensure that the results will accurately reflect those outlined in the goal of the test. As a leading provider of digital testing since 2002, we know how to make sure our test material is trusted, reliable and up to industry standards.

Total Testing offers an extensive array of test types. These solutions include behavior and personality tests, IQ and EQ tests, workplace aptitude tests and skills testing for a range of different industry specifications. Due to our breadth of choices, you can be sure to find tests that are relevant to your job posting and that will ask only pertinent questions of your candidates.

Because Total Testing offers the ability to customize test questions, you’ll have the added capacity to make sure each and every question is relevant. If one of the standard topics does not relate to the position in question — or if another, more specific question should be added — simply mix and match until the tests are exactly what you need. As a result of this ability, you can be sure that all Total Testing material is EEOC-compliant and ready to go.

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Our pre-employment tests are not just easy, customizable and efficient — they’re also proven to be successful in their goal. Each test is designed to target a specific need and help you ensure that you’re hiring the best fit for each role.

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