The vast majority of businesses in the U.S. today rely on computers to record, store and transfer data. Knowledge of basic computer functions, therefore, has long been an essential attribute for jobs spanning a wide range of industries. As an employer or hiring manager, you need to know how capable your potential employees are with computers. But beyond asking them to self-assess their abilities during an interview, how can you truly know how competent they are with the skills they’ll need?

Total Testing has the answer for you. Our professionally designed Computer Skills Assessment Tests are customizable to your company’s specific needs. They can be administered either in person or remotely to allow for the utmost flexibility. After candidates have taken the test, we’ll compile the results into a report that pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses in an easy-to-understand format.

An Inside Look at Computer Skills Assessments Tests

Total Testing targets the need for computer literacy through our Computer Skills Assessment Test. This test measures the taker’s capacity to use basic computer skills such as Editing, Passwords, Printing, Mouse Usage, Navigation, Windows and Typing. Our online tech assessment will give you a clear picture of each candidate’s level of comfort and capability with computer functions. You’ll know early in the hiring process how quickly and efficiently they’re able to navigate a computer and have a sense of how much future training would be required.

Following the application of this employment test, you’ll be able to make more informed hiring decisions in less time.

Useful for Both Job Candidates and Employees

Our employment Computer Skills Assessment Tests are not just relevant during the hiring process. You can also opt to use these tests to assess your current employees’ computer literacy levels. Doing so will enable you to gauge whether further training is needed and which specific areas each employee would benefit from instruction in. As a result, you’ll save valuable time and money avoiding unnecessary training and gain the most bang for your buck.

The Computer Skills Assessment will offer you a straightforward report with specific, quantifiable data that indicates each test taker’s areas of strength and required improvement. As a result, you’ll learn if there are common areas of improvement and have the opportunity to tailor future training to these needs.

Thanks to the flexibility of its usage, even employers not currently on the hunt for new hires can harness this skills test to reach new levels of competence among their existing employees.

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