Are you looking for a way to test for Administrative, Clerical and Basic Skills?

Interactive, Performance Based Tests

Validated Employer Tests

Easy to Use – Set up within Minutes

No Monthly Fees or Hidden Charges

You pay for only the tests you use

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The Total Testing Difference:

Total Testing provides skills testing to help assess your candidate’s skills. Whether you need to test one candidate or hundreds of candidates, we can help! We can have an online account set up within minutes so that you can start testing immediately. No minimum purchases required to establish an online account!

Total Testing specializes in working with customers who demand high quality – validated tests with friendly support, and prompt service at an affordable price! We offer over 800 skills tests including:

  • Filing, Checking & Coding Skills
  • Typing, Data Entry & Ten-Key
  • Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Customer Service, Receptionist & Telephone Skills
  • MS Office – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint & Access
  • More!

About Our Tests:

The Microsoft Office tests are interactive (not multiple choice) and consist of 30 to 35 questions. In order to answer each question, a candidate must perform a task and has the ability to use any method that they know in order to answer the question. As they answer each question it automatically moves to the next question. Each test can be completed within 30 minutes and the score reports are automatically calculated and immediately emailed to the test administrator.

The Clerical and Administrative Tests are multiple choice, matching and true/false type questions ranging from 15 to 30 questions depending on the test. Tests typically cover beginner, intermediate and advanced level questions all within one test. Candidates are able to skip a question and come back to it at the end of the test. The typing, data entry and ten key tests allow a 3-minute warm-up and then a 5-minute test

Score Reports:

The score report will provide detailed information on how your candidate performed on the test. Included in this information:

  • Overall Score and Comparison Score
  • Scores on Each Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  • List of the questions and how the performed on each question – whether it was correct/incorrect, how long they spent on that question and if it was scored as a beginner, intermediate or advanced level question
  • Take a look at a sample score report