Behavioral Testing

In today’s difficult work environment, you need to know whether your employees can keep a level head in times of conflict or stress.

You also need to have an idea of whether they have innate leadership qualities that will push them to take the initiative and go above and beyond. Last but not least, you need to keep in mind that their attitude will either hurt or help your business’ culture and mission.

With an endless combination of personality types in the world, every potential employee is unique and brings something different to the work environment. Some employees can boost team morale, increase productivity and enhance customer service, proving a true asset to your organization.

On the other hand, low skill levels, difficult personality characteristics and problems with integrity may fail to surface until you’ve made a costly hiring decision. By the time you realize the mistake you’ve made, you’ve already lost valuable time, money and productivity. As a result, you’ll be faced with the potential damage done to your organization, an emotional strain and blow to morale and perhaps even legal ramifications associated with terminating a bad hire. You’ll also have to start all over again with recruiting, interviewing and training.

Wouldn’t you rather know from the onset what kind of employee you’re about to hire? That’s where our behavioral testing for potential employees comes in. Now including a series of “Elite Profiles” tests by PsyMetrics, all behavior testing has been pre-assembled and designed to meet the needs of most industry-specific jobs. Browse our extensive list of behavioral aptitude tests to gain insight into what we offer, how each test works and which one may be the right fit for you.

Elite Profile Tests

Positive Attitude Profile

You want an employee who can take the twists and turns of your business with a smile and remind the customer or team that everything will turn out well.

The Positive Attitude Profile was developed to help organizations identify individuals who possess behavioral characteristics associated with a positive disposition. The test will warn you if your employee shows patterns of negative thinking.

THINK Cognitive Series

Wondering how your potential employee will handle critical thinking and real-world problem-solving? You can learn some context through their resume descriptors or standardized score results, but these details don’t give you the full picture.

You want to know that your employee will have the smarts to handle the complexities of the job they’re tasked with. Turn to the THiNK Cognitive Series, which consists of brief tests that measure unique problem-solving skills and general intelligence.

Elite Grit Profile

You’ve heard the age-old saying: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But how can you measure the tough from the unreliable? The Elite Grit Profile is the answer to your hiring queries.

This test measures an individual’s ability to work hard, stay focused and reach goals when faced with inevitable setbacks and interference. You’ll gain insight into how task-oriented and stalwart each individual is in spite of distractions — a valuable glimpse into the grit they possess.

Human Resource Testing Library (HRTL)

Our Human Resource Testing Library contains an assortment of pre-assembled, industry-specific assessments, including profiles like retail, banking, sales, transportation, health care and hospitality. It also includes profiles for different roles, such as manager and supervisor.

If you have specific job requirements you’d like to test, we know flexibility is key. That’s why our HRTL has the option for you to mix and match assessments to create your own.

Sales Hunter Profile

When it comes to sales, persona is everything. Customers need to feel comfortable, confident and heard — and as an employer, it’s crucial to hire a salesperson who can create this trustworthy atmosphere. The Sales Hunter Profile will tell you everything you need to know about your candidate’s drive, sociability, confidence and assertiveness.

You’ll learn how self-assured your candidate is, how competitive and driven they are to succeed and how natural it is for them to be outgoing and sociable. These characteristics are proven to indicate top sales and management performance.

Elite Intellect Profile

Elite Intellect Profile helps to identify candidates with the mental ability to problem-solve effectively and quickly grasp new strategies and concepts. The test consists of both logical reasoning and verbal reasoning components with the goal of assessing overall intellect.

The results indicate how likely your candidate is to excel in their ability to learn, troubleshoot and process new information. The Elite Intellect Profile is the ideal test for candidates whose job would require them to research rapidly, consolidate information and learn new tasks in a time-efficient manner.

Situational Judgment Test

Situational Judgment Tests are interactive and job-specific, giving you, the employer, a deep look into whether your candidate’s decision-making skills are the right fit for the role. These tests, which can also be tailored to supervisory roles, present typical situations that one might encounter on the job.

The mixture of attitude, behavioral and situational questions are designed to measure the candidate’s problem-solving skills and judgment while they complete the assigned task. The test specifically analyzes four areas, including communication, conscientiousness, motivation and team orientation.

OCEAN Profile

Before you complete the hiring process, you need to know everything you can about your new employee. Beyond their ability to succeed in their role, you need to know that they will adjust well in the company culture and in their specific department or team. The OCEAN Profile provides insight by identifying five key personality dimensions, including openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and positivity.

After the candidate completes the test, you’ll receive a report scoring where they fall on the scale of each personality factor. You’ll then be able to compare the OCEAN Profile scores to the specific job attributes to make sure you’re matching the best person to the job.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitude Test delves into the nitty and the gritty to ensure that your candidate can put their money where their mouth is. With a test like this, long gone are the days of falling prey to resume bluffing and being blindsided by your new hire’s lack of experience on their first day.

This test provides a valid, reliable and objective measure of an individual’s knowledge of general mechanical concepts. From their mechanical equipment repair experience to knowledge of tools and more, the Mechanical Aptitude Test will tell you what you need to know.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile

Everybody knows about IQ — but in the workplace, Emotional Intelligence is just as important. The pre-employment EQ Profile measures the candidate’s ability to recognize and regulate their own emotions. It will offer you insight into the four categories of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

With these key insights, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this candidate is ready to handle the challenges the job will push their way. Additionally, this test will provide metrics allowing you to predict how well the candidate will work with or manage others.

Workplace Aptitude Test

The Workplace Aptitude Test identifies individuals who are quick learners, logical thinkers, self-reliant people and problem-solvers. Through a series of targeted questions, the test measures how quickly candidates are able to solve work-related questions and how easily they can demonstrate critical thinking capabilities.

After the test is complete, a report sent to the potential employer will provide insight into how well the candidate may be able to fit into your workplace in terms of their cognitive abilities. A high score on the test indicates an employee who is likely to follow instructions and complete tasks efficiently with minimal supervision.

Quick Screen

For when you need to make big hiring decisions with just a little bit of time. Quick Screen is a streamlined assessment for those time-limited scenarios. It can assess your candidate’s smarts, drive and work ethic in less than 10 minutes.

Quick Screen is able to predict your candidate’s problem-solving ability, reasoning skills, achievement drive, hard-working attitude, dependability and overall job performance. Get all of these valuable insights in just a handful of minutes!

Elite Integrity Profile

You want to know you have employees you can trust. Nothing erodes company morale like distrust and suspicion, so before making any hiring decisions, you need to know that you’re bringing people of integrity onto the team.

The Elite Integrity Profile helps to identify individuals who might be counterproductive or a potential risk to themselves or others. It does so through a series of questions that measure trustworthiness, rules compliance, non-violent attitudes and responsibility.

After providing the Elite Integrity Profile, you’ll know that all candidates have been screened one step further, and you can choose those who are people — and employees — of excellence.

C5 Elite Profile Testing

The C5 Elite line of assessments is able to identify individuals who possess the “elite athlete mentality.” Rather than judging physical athletic prowess, however, these tests measure the winning attitude and mental toughness it takes to succeed.

Career Success Predictor

The Career Success Predictor determines how well one’s interests align with six work environments. The test is based on research indicating that the six work environments are associated with their own set of personal interests that serve to motivate individuals.

These environments are: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. Understanding the candidate’s natural work environment will give insight into their motivators, values and mindsets and help establish how likely they are to succeed in your particular work environment.

Making a bad hiring decision can be costly. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the price of a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. Wouldn’t it be worth investing just a fraction of this potential cost to avoid bad hires and maintain the utmost confidence in your team?

Choosing a Total Testing behavior test for potential employees allows employers to:

  • Easily screen and compare candidates
  • Assess cognitive ability, motivation and personality
  • Obtain detailed, easy-to-understand reports and results
  • Hire the best candidates in less time
  • Customize to fit your specific needs

If you’re interested in accessing our selection of employment testing, take a closer look at our testing products, or sign up for fast access. You can access a demo to try out our tests for free or dive in with our simple Pay-As-You-Go model!