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*FEATURED TEST* Career Predictor Test (PsyMetrics Test):

Matching the right person with the right job or career can have a significant impact on both employee and employer. For the employee, finding the right person-career match can drastically affect his/her income, social status, friends, family life, job and general life satisfaction. For the employer, appropriately matching employees with the job they will be performing can lead to increased job satisfaction and morale, resulting in increased productivity and decreased turnover.

PsyMetrics' Career Success Predictor assesses an individual's interests in terms of how they match the specific occupational environment they will be working in. Based on factor analytic research, psychologist J. L. Holland developed a six-factor model widely used today in career assessment.   Ask us for a Free Demo!




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  • Looking to use an ADVANCED Excel test?

We recommend contacting Total Testing to discuss the areas you are looking to measure before selecting this test.  Most clients prefer to use the Excel Standard test which covers advanced areas over using Advanced only test.  We'll be happy to discuss this with you.