Total Testing — The Best Pre-Employment Testing Company in the Market

The job of a hiring manager is an infinitely challenging one. You want to find the perfect person for the job, but that ideal candidate doesn’t always appear immediately. You may be inundated with strong applications that are difficult to sift through and compare. Even after an interview, or several rounds of interviews, it can be difficult to make a confident hiring decision. People with the right credentials on paper may not always be the best fit for your company culture. In the worst-case scenario, you may even decide on a new hire who was resume bluffing.

Typically, all of these considerations are happening within a tight time frame. You’re getting pressure to fill the position quickly. With all these factors to juggle, selecting the right new employee is no easy feat.

We saw this need and created a solution to answer it — Total Testing.

What Is Pre-Employment Testing?

Pre-employment testing is an assessment tool used for recruitment and selection of potential employees. We’ve created a solution to a complex hiring process. Our system targets employment skills and job preparedness and lets you know who you’re looking at early in the game.

The Total Testing online system makes it easy for you to access hundreds of skills and behavioral tests. We work with you to narrow the focus of your needs and decide which tests will best serve you. A straightforward login process allows you to administer the tests either in your location or remotely.

Once your potential employee has completed the test, Total Testing automatically scores and compiles the results and emails the report right to you.

Our range of tests covers an expanse of industries and factors. Test reports will show whether potential employees have the skills you’re looking for, whether they’re truly qualified for the position, and whether they’re likely to perform well in the position.

Why Should You Choose Total Testing?

What makes us the best pre-employment testing company for you? Online assessment test companies aren’t a novel concept — but you’ll soon find that Total Testing offers benefits no one else can.

Total Testing Is Flexible

Unlike any other company in the industry, we offer a Pay-As-You-Go model. If you’re a small business or only plan on making one or two new hires in the foreseeable future, you might not need to buy a year-long subscription for an online test assessment company. Our Pay-As-You-Go plan means you don’t need to sign any contracts. Forget paying any monthly or sign-up fees. You pay only for the tests you use.

Not only does this make us a highly flexible option, but it also makes us extremely cost-effective. We offer other pricing packages that give you the option to buy in bulk, but it’s our one test at a time model that really puts us ahead of the curve.

Total Testing Is Effective

Multi-measure tests are proven to be the most reliable indicator of positive job performance, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Pre-employment testing is a highly effective assessment tool for selecting candidates before they become official hires. Our examinations consider a wide array of factors, from hard skills to behavior and personality styles. Depending on the position you’re looking to fill and the industry you’re in, you may find some tests more useful than others, but one thing is for sure — pre-employment tests are proven to work.

Pre-employment tests have also been acclaimed for their ability to be objective. While it’s impossible to remain entirely unbiased during an in-person assessment, these tests measure every candidate equally across the board and compile the data into reports that can be measured, compared and easily understood.

Total Testing Is Customizable

Total Testing is committed to working with you throughout the hiring process to make sure you’re getting content that is the right fit for you. We’re able to customize tests to ensure they will give you exactly the results you’re seeking.

Total Testing Is Responsive

We’re a small company, and everyone who works with us has an all-hands-on-deck mentality. Because of our size, we’re able to respond quickly, talk to you personally and react nimbly to all customer needs.

Getting Started With Total Testing Is Easy

Choose, use, pay — and get results automatically sent back to you. Just sign up for the plan that fits you best and browse through the organized selection of assessment tests. Let us know what you’re looking for and how we can help. Once you’ve chosen the test and administered it, either in person or remotely, we’ll send you the results in a simple-to-understand compiled report. It’s that easy.

Try a free demo for a real-life sample of how our testing works, or reach out to Total Testing if you’d like to learn more.