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Test one or test hundreds, we have a plan for you. Choose our Pay-As-You-Go or our Pre-Pay option.

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Our validated and EEOC compliant skills and behavioral tests cover hundreds of areas, such as MS Office, Accounting, Industrial, Thinking, Personality & more.


Write your own or mix and match our questions, set time limits and customize a report. Our Test Builder makes customization effortless.

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Our cloud-based testing is easy to use right out of the gate. No downloading, no training – just login and start testing within minutes.

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Our comprehensive reports are easy to understand and detailed. You’ll know what the candidate knows in an easy to read report.

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50,000 tests administered annually.  More than 3,500 unique clients in the past 3 years. Serviced over 21,000 clients since our inception.

The Finer Details About Total Testing

Total Testing has been a leading provider of web-based skills testing since 2002. Our purpose is to provide complete and thorough candidate and employee evaluations to organizations.

Total Testing offers hundreds of skill assessments in a wide range of areas, but we don’t stop at technical aptitude. Total Testing also offers tests that give a true indication of personality and behavioral tendencies. In today’s tough work environment it’s important to know if your employee can keep a cool head, if they have innate leadership qualities, or if their attitude will benefit the business.

Even better, Total Testing is perfect for businesses of any size, whether you’re looking to test hundreds of prospects or just one. Our tests are already set up and extremely easy to implement or to customize, using our powerful new Test Builder!  We can even integrate with your HRIS system

Total Testing offers an exceptional testing and customer service experience, designed with you, your business, and your budget in mind. So, go ahead and put us to the test. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

Take a Closer Look at Total Testing

Skills and Behavioral Tests From Total Testing

Total Testing has over 800 skills and behavioral tests available. Our online employment testing services span 12 different categories, including:

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Tests
  • Basic Administrative and Clerical Skills Tests
  • Microsoft Office Skills Tests
  • Accounting and Finance Tests
  • Industrial Skills Tests
  • Retail Sales Skills Tests
  • Call Center and Customer Service Tests
  • Legal Office Skills Tests
  • Human Resources Skills Tests
  • Medical and Nursing Skills Tests
  • Food Service Skills Tests

Customers also have the option to create their own tests from the ground up, using a list of suggested questions to get started. Tests cover a range of levels, including beginning, intermediate and advanced. Whatever candidate assessment tool you’re looking for, there’s a test made with your applicant in mind.

  Products Available To You

Whether you’re after a behavioral test, a skills test or a combination, our product series covers the gamut. Elite personality tests like the Positive Attitude Profile and Situational Judgment Test will provide valuable insight into the character and persona of each applicant. The Career Success Indicator reveals how the candidate’s future goals fit with a range of work environments. You may also select the Mechanical Aptitude Test, which measures a potential employee’s mechanical understanding and abilities.

We also offer Pre-Employment Tests. These may be interactive, in the case of the Microsoft Office Tests, or may include a medley of multiple-choice, matching and true/false questions. These tests will give you an idea of each candidate’s preparedness for a role in your company.

Our products also include employee training. These customizable job skills tests will provide tangible insight into an employee’s skills and understanding of a specific task, enabling you to accurately decide what level and style of training is needed. A bookend test will allow you to see how successful the training was.

Our fourth and final product line is our Custom Test Builder. Access our store of questions, fine-tune or mix them to best fit your purposes, or use them as inspiration to write your own questions. You can also modify the interface and visuals of the test to fit your company’s style and tone. Choose whatever works best for you — and Total Testing will be available to help if you have any questions!

Visit our products page to learn more about the variety of options we offer.

  Taking the Next Step with Total Testing

Ready to give Total Testing a try? Call us to request a free demo. A representative will give you all the information you need to get started. After exploring the sample we send, you’ll see the importance of skills tests for job applicants.

The next step is to get started with your candidate assessment tools. Unique to any other employment testing company, Total Testing offers a Pay-As-You-Go system. Purchase exactly what you need, when you need it. We don’t require you to commit to a year-long subscription or sign any contracts. Only need enough testing for an emergency hire? Simply choose from our varied skills and personality tests and get started immediately.

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