You are NOT permitted to use any outside assistance or reference materials while taking the test. Doing so is a serious violation and may result in disqualification.
Should you require technical assistance and would like to speak with our helpdesk,
please call #877-496-4200 x3  (available 9-6 ET)

Technical Requirements:
    For optimal testing we recommend using Chrome or Firefox for your browser.


  • Lose your connection or Did your test stop in the middle of testing?
    Close all your browser windows.  Open a new browser window and restart your test session.  Most tests will pick up where they left off.  If it is a timed test it will start from the beginning.  If you are using IE, we recommend Chrome or Firefox.
  • Visit our Knowledge Base for friendly step by step instructions to resolve most technical issues
  • You can also Live Chat with our support team between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm (PT) by clicking below
Should you need additional assistance: techsupport@totaltesting.com

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